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Point Commissions are Open BUT I'll take a few at a time! I seriously need points! I only have 72 out of the 200 and some that I had :c PLEASE! I NEED SOME POINTS!

I can Draw:

:bulletpink: Sonic
:bulletpink: MLP
:bulletpink: Adventure Time
:bulletpink: Anthro
:bulletpink: Humans
:bulletpink: Chowder (if anyone remembers)
:bulletpink: Alvin and the Chipmunks (yes)

I can't Draw but will attempt:
:bulletblue: Anime (never really liked it)
:bulletblue: Pokemon (never really liked it)
:bulletblue: Regular Show (love the show but the style is KILLER!)
:bulletblue: Chibi (I can draw it but the cuteness is a bit complicated)

:bulletwhite: Outline Pen 1 or 2 characters - 5 :points:
:bulletyellow: Colored Pencil 1 or 2 characters - 10 :points:
:bulletorange: Sharpie Markers 1 or 2 characters - 15 :points:
:bulletred: For more characters any Media and anything that you have in mind - 20 :points:


Or if you don't want a commission

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Though I do not have a lot to post but this whole week and weekend there will be a new post :) Whether its a picture or two or 20!!! But for today I don't have many pictures! for DA, mainly hentai) I wish I had more but I couldn't get them all done :/ don't be discouraged!! Again, I'll be posting this whole week. 

For today, I'll just be posting small stuff and I'll be updating my DA ID!! New picture, New Information! 

Uhh... Just new ideas for organization! And just ideas that I thought would be cute to do on Thursdays! hehehehe if you catch my drift heheheheeheheehehehe

Ok Now I gotta get busy scanning, posting, and updating! 

Sorry for short Update but I don't have a lot to say :/



Artist | Student | Traditional Art
Puerto Rico
One of the first and successful creation of Gerald Robotnik.

Before Shadow was even a plan, before Space Colony Ark was in space, before Maria even existed, Gerald had, what he called, Project Onyx. One of his first life form creation he has ever made. She isn't what he expected her to be.

Once he was done with the body frame, he had no energy source that would bring "Onyx" to life. (He never tested "Onyx" with any type of energy source) He went on, searching for an emerald he has studied before. The Ancient Onyx. An emerald that is claimed to have an energy source that is unbelievably powerful, but it has been stated that it is a myth. Gerald had doubts and went to look for the Ancient Onyx.

He searched for almost a year and never found anything. He slowly believed that the Ancient Onyx was a myth. He gave it one more shot and went to the last place he can think of. Angel Island.He wasn't considered a threat, so he was easily allowed in and went on to find the Ancient Onyx. He found an abandoned temple, he saw no one around guarding, or passing by this piece of history that was forgotten. He found a way in, squeezed through and walked down the long pathway. This path felt like it was never ending he walked and walked and walked til at the end he saw light. Couldn't have been sunlight. The glow was a dark blue tone. He approached the light and entered the door. Finally, after so long of searching, he finally found the Ancient Onyx. He starred at the emerald for quite some time til suddenly he started to feel weak. He was amazed. The emerald is so power it was draining his own energy as well. It was amazing to him but it was also alarming. He quickly set up his energy extractor and collected the Ancient Onyx's energy and left. Once he arrived, he already had a plan on how to keep the energy enclosed within "Onyx". He began to build an orb, which took him hours to build, and started to put in the energy. The orb began to dissolve as soon as the energy touched the metal frame. Gerald stopped the process and became furious at what he just witnessed. For weeks, he tried to make a metal that would stand the energy, then he discovered adamantium. The indestructible metal that was able to stand the energy of the Ancient Onyx. He was glad to have finished the orb but he realized he has to change the whole body frame of "Onyx". He didn't have enough adamantium for a full human body frame so he changed the design to a 2ft 4in of height for a hedgehog. (The average size of the creatures that lived in Mobius) Once done with that, he also had this material that would go over the robot frame to make it look like skin. And that skin gave the creation the purpose to eat, shower, and special medical attention. Also the skin has a special type of technology that with a computer you can decide the look for the creation. He went to his computer to discover there was already a look of choice on the computer. Black fur, black hair, amazing blue eyes, and white markings on her arms and back. It wasn't a bad look, he thought so he chose the look. The skin molded onto the body frame and changed colors overnight.

After a few month of the body frame settling to the energy, he finally woke up the creation. He named her Onyx because the project itself is called Onyx (cause the original body frame was a dark grey tone) and it fitted since her fur was black. Onyx sits up slowly, grunts and rubs her head.
"Ahhh fuck!" She exclaimed, "that was some tight space back there" She chuckled and faced the stranger. "Who are you?" She looked around, "where am I?!"
Gerald was stunned to see that the creation already knew how to talk.
"I am Gerald Robotnik, you're creator and--"
"Pffftt! My creator?!" She interrupted and laughed. "Is this a joke? My parents are my creators. They gave birth to me! I shouldn't explain this to you, I believe you're old enough to know how baby making works."
"Incredible" He was amazed by her knowledge as well.
She was confused and noticed she was in a laboratory.
"Hey I asked a questioned! Where am I?!"
"You're in Space Colony Ark! My latest creation and a big one too. I'm still working on a few things but I need some assistance and I was hoping you would help me" He smiled.
Onyx starred at him and stayed silent for a while, "Wait a minute. I died many years ago. My soul was locked away in the Ancient Onyx. H-how am I here?"
"Well, its a very long story but I'll make it simple. I created a body frame that would look and work similar to a human body. Of course you're not human, you're a Mobian. And I extracted energy from the Ancient Onyx. I believe thats're here." making her understand he also understood why the skin already had a look of choice why she knew how to talk and had knowledge.
"So technically, you are my creator..."

For days Gerald studied her and discovered so much. Her life before she was sent back into the spiritual world of the Ancient Onyx. But she was notorious back in her days and still is. After Gerald let her have her freedom, she got in lots of trouble. She stole, attacked, and killed. Gerald was devastated to see that his project was a killing machine. The police force was aware of the situation and tried to stop her but she was too clever and too strong full of power, she was unstoppable.

One day, the police force tracked her down to the middle of no where. They were confused but they returned back to base. She was all over the news and Gerald made it clear to her that she shouldn't be making a big deal of herself.
"If they find out what I'm making, I could get in big trouble! Possibly end up in jail. And not only I would get in trouble but so would you! They can send you to jail too! Now your freedom wouldn't exist anymore!!" He was very upset with her that he even enforced a punishment on her. He made her work for his new project that was nearly finished and stopped her privileges to go outside.

His new project set flight. He called it Space Colony Ark.

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