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xXBlueAssassinXx has started a donation pool!
478 / 500
Point Commissions are Open BUT I'll take a few at a time! I seriously need points! I only have 72 out of the 200 and some that I had :c PLEASE! I NEED SOME POINTS!

I can Draw:

:bulletpink: Sonic
:bulletpink: MLP
:bulletpink: Adventure Time
:bulletpink: Anthro
:bulletpink: Humans
:bulletpink: Chowder (if anyone remembers)
:bulletpink: Alvin and the Chipmunks (yes)
:bulletpink: Hentai
I can't Draw but will attempt:
:bulletblue: Anime (never really liked it)
:bulletblue: Pokemon (never really liked it)
:bulletblue: Regular Show (love the show but the style is KILLER!)
:bulletblue: Chibi (I can draw it but the cuteness is a bit complicated)

:bulletwhite: Outline Pen 1 or 2 characters - 5 :points:
:bulletyellow: Colored Pencil 1 or 2 characters - 10 :points:
:bulletorange: Sharpie Markers 1 or 2 characters - 15 :points:
:bulletred: For more characters any Media and anything that you have in mind - 20 :points:

:bulletred: Outline: 25 pts + 3 pts for third; +5 pts more characters
:bulletred: Flat Color: 30 pts + 5 pts for third; +7 more characters
:bulletred: 40 pts + 7 pts for third; +9 pts more characters


Or if you don't want a commission

Generously Donate~?

Thank You!

You must be logged in to donate.
Decent vacation, don't you's agree? Ugh I need to stop it like seriously. It's not even necessary! Pfft! Im so silly!!!

I finally gathered enough stuff to actually post for the second time this year... I believe ... o3o; Geez I suck.

Yes!! It is official! I decided to come back from "vacation" for the 5th time :/ and this time I come with a bunch of stuff and news!!!!


:bulletblue: YES!!! I was given a Samsung Tab 3 just cause my parents didn't use it at all and so it was passed down to me and ... I bought Sketchbook Pro :D I have been using for a good month and I still don't know how to use it to its full potential. All I've been doing is using the ink brush, pencil, eraser, transformation tool, line tool, some air brush but I do not know how to use it very well, color dropper thingy, and the layers. LOL! My shading is very solid and I still don't know what numbers to use to change the size of the canvases. Its very picky so I do need to learn so more. I do offer digital commissions from tonight and on. I will submit those pieces here and on Inkbunny! *wink wink nudge nudge elbow elbow* tehehe :iconpervysonicplz: 


:bulletblue: I do hentai... a lot. DON'T JUDGE ME!!! Just testing my skills and stuff... I kinda like it .... Problem is that I'm not the greatest with two characters in one picture. I do fail at that a lot! My proportions are out the roof insane!! So I will take longer to make these and please do not diss me for how terrible some look. I'm practicing a lot!!! You can give me a constructive critique but nothing harsh people. I've been drawing simple stuff for like 11 years straight! And hentai is something that I picked up like ... maybe 6 years ago?? Not sure on the exact numbers but yeah so it's not going to be the best thing ever!! Now that I have sketchbook pro, specific details will be easier to make! So most will be done in the tablet! Sketches, Line work, and Simple Shading Color.

:bulletblue: For the commission:
       :bulletblack: Line work - 25 pts + 3 pts for third; +5 pts more characters
       :bulletblack: Flat Color - 30 pts + 5 pts for third; +7 more characters
       :bulletblack: Solid Shading - 40 pts + 7 pts for third; +9 pts more characters  

Sounds fair, right? I added more points for the extra layers I have to make! I only have a limit of 18 layers so there's a lot of making sure the used layers are perfect to then merge them all together to have 17 more layers. Please understand the prices for my digital hentai commissions. 


:bulletgreen: I need full details when purchasing the commissions.
        :bulletblue: Poses! Please people I lack creativity! I will do missionary or doggie (best poses I can do) if no pose was described!! And that includes: Intercourse poses, BJ poses, Masturbation poses (if toy(s) is requested, details on toy(s)), or any other sexual act poses. Again! IF NO POSE IS GIVEN TO ME, I WILL DO MISSIONARY OR DOGGIE!! That goes for BJs, Masturbations, and the other sexual acts! I WILL DO SOMETHING PLAIN!! So please DETAILS!!! COPIOUS DETAILS!
        :bulletblue: Background! Again I lack creativity!! IF NO BACKGROUND IS GIVEN TO ME, I WILL JUST DO A BEDROOM SETTING!!  
        :bulletblue: Full body detail on your characters PLEASE!!! If you want a Fan character in these hentai pictures you MUST give me full detail on how everything looks like!!! Every fan character that ISN'T a recolor is unique! So why should their privates look plain and the same as everyone elses?! I wanna show the uniqueness of these characters! Please give me every kind of detail if you want certain things to look a certain way! 
              :bulletblue: MALES! :bulletblue: 
                :bulletblue: Length
                :bulletblue: Piercings
                :bulletblue: Circumcised or not
                :bulletblue: Color!! (foreskin & head)
                :bulletblue: Sack color
                :bulletblue: Hairy or not
                :bulletblue: Extra details! 

              :bulletpink: FEMALES! :bulletpink: 
                :bulletpink: Piercings
                :bulletpink: Color
                :bulletpink: Hairy or not
                .... Can't think of anything else ...
                 :bulletpink: Extra details!


Finally ....


:bulletorange:     "A Love so Complicated" 

It was going to be a short story comic but both me and smokeclaw12 had great ideas that we added to the Roleplay version and it all plays perfect! The comic won't be short but it won't be too long!! The description will be on the post of the cover! The comic will be featured mainly in Inkbunny since originally it was a hentai story, so all of the pages will be posted there but I will be posting the PG-13 pages only! I can't promise when the pages will be posted but I will definitely work on them. I already let my boyfriend down, promised him I'd work on the "Drunk 3some" comic and never finished the first page .... I will make it up to him and I certainly don't want to disappoint my friend. I need to motivate myself heavily and take limited amounts of commissions. Keep up with it!! Stay tuned for when I start posting them :) 

Uhh ...

:bulletblue: That's it? College will be starting on October! That month will be a bit slow of posting since I have classes and homework to do! Also, I have to get a full-time job to pay off school bills, work will be time consuming as well! So it will be slow til my breaks :/ real life is ahead . . . Gotta get my S together ! 

:bulletblue: PAYPAL!!! Is my art work money? Would you want to commission acrylic paint works ??? I just need money !! :c 

YUP! That's about it!! Covered a bunch of new stuff! :D So I will be posting again! Still got some commissions to do and I will be posting those possibly Monday and throughout the week. So keep an eye open!!! 



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Puerto Rico

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